WMS based on mobile phone and QR codes

AXON is a user-friendly warehouse management system with a mobile app for operations and web reporting.

  • Ease of use for operators
  • Affordable Android devices
  • QR codes for full stock traceability.

Problem overview

Introduction of the WMS comes with several challenges. High implementation costs, purchasing hardware, trainings and integration to the current system. Resistance to change is often a blocking factor too. Axon aims to overcome given challenges and provide lean solution to them with full traceability of the stock.

Intuitive dashboard

Why Axon?

Full history of stock items

Axon offers comprehensive history tracking and batch registration features, providing businesses with real-time visibility into stock movement, transactions. Visual representation of stock items enables better decision-making and enhances overall stock traceability.

Easy to learn

Intuitive workflow with QRs on items

Stock traceability in a Warehouse Management System (WMS) involves assigning a unique QR code to each stock item within the inventory. This enables precise tracking of every item's movement throughout the warehouse, from receipt to storage to shipping. QR used in Axon do not require expensive industry grade label printers.

Admin panel



There is both current stock state and production snapshot available for administrators. One can review both normal stock and consolidated stock items to make proper decisions in the replenishment process

Self managed translations

There is a multilingual translation engine built-in into Axon. It is managed by system administrators so changes of labels and names does not require any development team intervention

Multi warehouse

Axon supports multi-warehouse handling, separating stock data and locations. User roles with different access levels ensure effective access management, data security, and compliance. This fosters collaboration and teamwork within the organization

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